Community Dental Clinic

The Community Dental Clinic serves the needs of those low-income residents of Sebastian and Crawford counties who are in pain and cannot afford to go to a dentist.

The clinic is staffed with licensed, experienced dentists who are both paid and volunteer.  Many of the patients are striving to get off welfare or the working poor.  The dentists at the Community Dental Clinic perform extractions but do not fill cavities.  All patients receive oral cancer screening.

The Dental Clinic also has a denture program for those who have no other choice but to have all their teeth removed.  Though the waiting period is quite long, the end result is worth it.

The Tooth Fairy Program travels to places where children are present to teach them proper oral hygiene techniques.

For more information, please call 479-782-6021 or email

Blue & You for a Healthier Arkansas Grant

The Blue & You for a Healthier Arkansas Grant has enabled the Community Dental Clinic to provide dental health educational training to low-income children and adults of Crawford and Sebastian counties with the “Tooth Fairy Program”. The Community Dental Clinic’s Registered Dental Assistant, aka “The Tooth Fairy”, will go to child care facilities, elementary schools, and teen programs to provide age appropriate presentations to children and families who have not been exposed to lifelong dental care instructions and will also show them their health is directly related in these classes. The effects of drugs and tobacco use on the mouth are also presented is these classes. We believe that if children are given the knowledge at a young age to take care of their teeth, they will have a better chance of a healthier future.

Mission Statement

The Community Dental Clinic, a program of Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. a non-profit corporation, is committed to relieving suffering, restoring human dignity, and promoting self-sufficiency by providing basic dental care to the people of Crawford and Sebastian Counties who have no other resources available.

Community Development Block Grant CDBG