Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Winter Regular Assistance Program 

(Non Shut-offs) will end on April 13, 2018.


This program will begin on January 16, 2018.

The C-SCDC Li-HEAP program is designed to help low-income households in Crawford and Sebastian County with their heating bills. The program does not help with water bills.

The Winter Regular Program is designed to help with heating bills. The main requirements are:

The Regular Assistance payment is a one time payment and is based on a payment chart supplied by Arkansas Department of Human Services in Little Rock.

Winter Crisis ( Shut offs) Assistance Program

The Crisis Intervention Program (Shut-offs) will close May 31, 2018 or when funds are depleted. 


This program is now open.

The main requirements are:

The Crisis Assistance payment is a one time payment and is what you are current due for shut-off, or what it will take to reconnect your services,  UP TO $500.00.

If you receive assistance on either one of the programs, you cannot apply again until the new program starts in the following year.

Income Eligibility

Household SizeMonthly Income
1 person$1,595.00
2 persons$2,086.00
3 persons$2,577.00
4 persons$3,067.00
5 persons$3,558.00
6 persons$4,049.00
7 persons$4,141.00
8 persons$4,233.00

If you need further information, please contact Carol Jenkins at cjenkins@cscdccaa.org or call 479-785-2303 ext. 112 or 479-785-2303 ext. 100.