Arkansas Valley Electric gives their customers the option to round their bill payment to the next dollar.  The excess funds from this “rounding up” goes into a fund to help Arkansas Valley Electric customers in need with their utility bill.   Arkansas Valley Electric gave CSCDC $5,000 from this fund this year to help other Arkansas Valley Customers who are in need.  These individuals or families may meet LIHEAP guidelines for assistance through the federal government program, but still have the need for assistance.  Below is just such an instance where the couple did not have the means to pay an electric bill, they were just barely over HEAP income guidelines and the spouse was undergoing medical treatments for cancer.  The Agency was able to help this elderly couple in need thanks to the funds made available by Arkansas Valley Electric.

Here is a little information on how the Round-up for Change works with AVE.

Arkansas Valley Electric gives C-SCDC a check from what their customers send in over their monthly bills.  We received $2,000 last year and $5,000 this year.  The Agency then have these funds available to help Arkansas Valley customers when our Crisis Program is closed.  C-SCDC works with Arkansas Valley to make sure the customer is elderly, disabled or have children in the household (and would meet our income guidelines for HEAP).

Last month (January 2018) Arkansas Valley Electric let the Agency use $255.01 for an elderly couple that were barely over HEAP’s income guidelines.  But since they were elderly and the lady was having cancer treatments; they approved the expenditure for this couple.  So, the agency was able to keep this couple from getting a disconnect notice.