CSCDC has moved.

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We are now in our new location at 1617 Zero.

Summer Utility Assistance Program to begin. This program will take applications until August 13th.

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Mark Whitmer, Executive Director of Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. announced today that funds will be available to assist residents of Crawford and Sebastian counties with their cooling bills beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2016.  If you are a resident of Crawford or Sebastian Counties and meet the income guidelines, you may apply for assistance.  You must bring both utility bills, unless you are total electric.

Applicants must furnish a current electric bill or electric shut-off notice and a current gas utility bill(unless you are total electric), proof of monthly income for all household members 18 years old and over, Social Security numbers for all household members, and date of birth on all household members.  If you need additional information, you may call 479-785-2303 extension 100 beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2016.  Doors open at 8 a.m.  Clients are urged to make an appointment in person at 4831 Armour, Fort Smith, AR.  Phone messages will not be returned.

Eligibility for summer utility assistance is determined by the amount of income a family receives.  To be eligible, the following income guidelines apply:

Household Size Monthly Income

1 person                        $ 1,515.00

2 persons                       $ 1,981.00

3 persons                       $ 2,447.00

4 persons                       $ 2,913.00

5 persons                       $ 3,379.00

6 persons                       $ 3,845.00

7 persons                       $ 3,933.00

8 persons                       $ 4,020.00

For each additional family member above 8 persons, add $88.00.  These income amounts are slightly higher than last year, which allows more families to receive benefits.



Thank you.

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A big thank you to all who made our 50th Anniversary celebration a success.

River Valley Regional Food Bank Receives $150,000 from the Walmart Foundation

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River Valley Regional Food Bank Receives $150,000 from the Walmart Foundation

Award Will Provide for New Refrigerated Food Donation Truck

River Valley Regional Food Bank today received a $150,000 contribution to assist with receiving retail store donations. The grant – which was given to the non-profit organization through the Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program – will give the food bank additional refrigerated pick up capacity from grocers and restaurants, allowing the food bank to better serve the community.

“This gift is nothing short of a miracle from heaven,” said Ted Clemons, the food bank’s director.  “Our current truck has over 120,000 miles on it and is in need of continual repairs.”

The grant was presented to Mark Whitmer, Executive Director of Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. (C-SCDC) during a check presentation ceremony held today at the River Valley Regional Food Bank. During the ceremony, Whitmer thanked the food bank’s grocery and restaurant partners, the Walmart Distribution Center in Clarksville, financial donors and the West Central Arkansas volunteer army of hunger fighters.  “We could not do what we do without the local passion for helping others,” he said.

The food bank began operations 28 years ago as a program of the C-SCDC.  The food bank has rapidly grown in the last five years as food donations rose to meet increasing need for food assistance. In 2008, the food bank distributed 3.2 million pounds of food; last year – $7.5 million.  The food bank serves eight counties in West Central Arkansas – Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Scott, Sebastian, Polk and Yell counties.  About 307,000 live in these counties, of which, 52,610 people are considered food insecure, and of which 22,740 are children.  Feeding America estimates 9.2 million meals are missing from the diets of West Central Arkansans.

“The Walmart Foundation is very pleased to be supporting the River Valley Regional Food Bank, and is committed to helping that in need in the communities where we serve,” said Michael Lindsey, Walmart Director of Public Affairs. “Through this grant, we are hopeful that needy residents in the River Valley will have additional opportunities to receive the food that they need.”



Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. Awarded NeighborWorks® Membership

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Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. Awarded NeighborWorks® Membership

Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. Will Receive

National Affordable Housing Boost

Fort Smith, Arkansas –  Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc., announced its new membership in the national NeighborWorks® network. This significant achievement, which involved Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. meeting high organizational health and performance standards, enables the organization to gain access to a powerful battery of training, research, technical assistance and funding opportunities.

 “We are excited that CSCDC’s 35 years of housing experience are being joined with the 35 years of technical expertise that NeighborWorks America has.  Together, we can do more than we ever thought possible.”, said Mark Whitmer, Executive Director of CSCDC.  “Being a member of NeighborWorks America means our organization is top of the line and we are ready to utilize NeighborWorks assistance to do great things in Arkansas.”

CSCDC mission is to make improvements for low income families and the communities in which they live with the final goal for our clients being self-sufficiency.  CSCDC has been incorporated since 1965, but has been working in housing since 1978.  In just the past two years CSCDC has done significant work in housing:  We provided homeownership education and counseling to more than 2000 families, helping many of them buy their first homes.  We helped over 270 households make emergency or energy efficiency repairs to their homes. This year alone, we have placed 60 literally homeless families into housing of their own.  We provide financial management classes, homebuyer education, and default counseling empowering our clients to make sustainable housing decisions.